Hidden Lotus Bakeshop


Who we are,


The Hidden Lotus is a special order Bakeshop offering exquisite cakes with the 'hidden' benefit of being gluten & dairy free. These cakes are as delicious as those expensive cakes on the market who avoid attempting to remove these standard ingredients. You'll be pleasantly surprised that these cakes provide a 'hidden' healthier alternatives that can truly hold there own. In fact in Summer 2017 the founder of Hidden Lotus won three Marin County Fair Awards including "Best of show" in her first year competing against the typical baked cakes made with gluten and dairy. In 2018 the founder won 1st place for her Vegan Carrot Cake at the Marin County Fair, 1st place for her gluten and dairy free Carrot Cake Cupcakes at the California State Fair! The Hidden Lotus is as beautiful as it is delicious. 


Finding the Hidden Lotus,

The Hidden Lotus Bakeshop began in 2017 in Danville California, created by Tara Stafford. Tara grew up with a love for baking since childhood and always remembers the smells of her own mothers baked treat.  However, once Tara removed gluten and dairy from her diet, she sorely missed all the time tested recipes she's come to love over the years. She was constantly setting out to find a tasty gluten free, dairy free option that tasted like childhood. As you all know there are not many good options out there so she began to experiment with her baking, to make delicious treats that didn't taste 'gluten free or dairy free!

The Hidden Lotus looks forward to sharing all the delicious gluten and dairy free options with you. Please ask us about vegan options. Contact us for pricing and delivery.